Approval Workflows Don't Work as They Should

JeffKoertzenJeffKoertzen Posts: 1Expensify Customer

We kept having trouble with the approval workflows. I have several different policies, each for a different department. Some managers appear in more than one policy so that they can be the submission approver on the advanced approval workflow. I then have the approvals directed to our accounting department.

Typical User:

Username > Submit to: Manager > Approvals to: Accounting

But the approvals weren't going to accounting. The manager kept telling me that she could only final approve and approve and forward as expected.

The manager looked like this:

Manager > Submit to: Accounting > Approvals to: No One

I didn't believe it was necessary to complete the approval flow for the manager because she doesn't submit her own expenses under that policy. I only added her to the policy so that she can approve the submissions from her department.

It turns out that the workflow COMPLETELY ignores the approval entry for the user. Once it goes to a submission approver, the approval depends on who the submission entry has listed as an approver. This makes NO SENSE whatsoever.

Once we realized that Expensify bypassed the approver entry and looked to the submission approver's final approver, we changed the manager to this:

Manager> Submit to: Accounting > Approvals to: Accounting

Now the end user submissions are finally able to be redirected to accounting after approved by the manager.

I'm glad we got it worked out, but it makes no sense. And if you change it, you must inform us all of the workflow change because now our workflows are set to workaround this coding anomaly.


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