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Personal Credit Card Reconciliation

lpatellpatel Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Our company allows the use of personal cards to pay for expenses then be reimbursed. While this is great, it gets rather confusing to manually check the credit card statement against the reimbursed reports then check the bank to make sure payment has been posted. It is very time-consuming when the process can be easily automated. The feature would be similar to an import and tagging like Mint.com has. While some users use the card for both personal and work, it would be good to understand what their "work" bill was and how it was split up into reports then tracked to being paid out as a whole report to the bank. Currently there is a corporate card reconciliation that would be useful for personal credit cards. The credit card import feature has missed some duplicate items since they were charged 4 times in the same day (buying plane tickets for 4 individuals and only 2 transactions show up in Expensify).

In addition, there is not a separate tag/status of "Approved" between "Waiting" and "Confirmed". It would be good to differentiate a report that has been submitted for payment (Approved/Waiting) and actually paid (Approved/Confirmed).

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