Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — June 12th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here, and the guide is here.


Much like per diem, is there a way to create templates in Expensify for expenses (for example, all Uber charges are automatically reimbursable)?

Absolutely! This would be a perfect use for an Expense Rule.

Can I create an Expense Rule based off of the amount of a charge?

Currently, no, but this is an interesting idea! I’d recommend submitting an Idea in the Community.

Can the credit card statements be linked to their individual reports? Or is a credit card receipt considered non-reimbursable?

You can add your statement as a Document to a given expense report.

Does Domain Control have a limit? Any receipt? Or only under $75?

Expenses imported through Domain Control are not subject to a limit. If you’d like eReceipts to be generated, however, they will only be generated for expenses less than $75 that are not lodging expenses (per the IRS).

What is the difference between reimbursable vs. billable, and which one would you use for credit card expenses?

Reimbursable expenses are expenses that need to be reimbursed to the person who incurred the charge. If an employee makes a charge on their corporate credit card, typically this wouldn’t be reimbursable, as the company pays that card. However, if that employee made a purchase on their personal card and needed to be reimbursed, then you would want to indicate that.

Billable expenses are expenses which need to be re-billed to a client. For example, you may have purchased materials for a job, and you need to bill that purchase to the client.

An expense can be both reimbursable and billable.

Managing People

Is there a way to have it set up to where you have to view/approve each individual expense within a report? It's easier to keep track of what has been approved within the report.

No, you cannot approve expenses separately from reports. You can, however, set your policy up such that all reports need to be approved manually. To do this, head to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Approval Mode > Expense Approvals.

Can we have expenses go to a particular manager depending on the amount? i.e., if the employee submits a report with 4 expenses, and 1 expense surpasses the approval threshold for the direct manager, the direct manager can approve the first 3 expenses, but the manager another level up approves the fourth expense.

No. With Advanced Approval, you can have reports route to different approvers based on report total, but this cannot be set up on a granular, expense-by-expense level.


How to categories and tags work with the integration of QBO?

When you integrate with QuickBooks Online, your chart of accounts will be imported to Expensify as categories. Tags will also import from QuickBooks Online (customers or projects, for example). When you then code expenses with those categories and tags, they will carry over to their mapped settings in QuickBooks Online.

Company Cards & Domain Control

How do I take control of my domain?

Once you’ve upgraded your policy via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Plan, you can enable Domain Control via Settings > Domain Control > Get in Control.

Is Domain Control only available to the Control plan?

Yes, Domain Control is a feature of the Control level policy.

So admins can check the reports/expenses, and then with Domain Control, we can connect a bank account/card and then compare them? Will they link to each other automatically like that?

Precisely. If you import your cards via Domain Control, expenses will automatically pull into Expensify from your cards. Those expenses will automatically merge with the receipts your employees have been scanning. You also would have access to more advanced reconciliation features via the Reconciliation Dashboard.

We are currently on the Collect plan (start-up). We are using this for CC reconciliation though, should we be on the Control plan? Is that the only way we can do CC reconciliation?

Yes, if you have company cards you’d like to reconcile, you would need to upgrade to the Control level policy. You can make this change via Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Plan.


Can 2 Copilots be added?

Absolutely, you can have as many Copilots as you like!

Can you set up different taxes? Europe? Australia? Canada? Is it based on user location?

Yes! You can set up multiple tax rates.

Should the phone app sync with the computer?

Yes, the Expensify mobile app syncs with the Expensify website.

So is there a reason why when employees create expenses, they automatically go onto a report? How can i set it up to where they do not go into an automatic report with Scheduled Submit?

You can disable Scheduled Submit (group policy level) by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reports > Scheduled Submit. If you disable this feature, employees would need to add their expenses to reports manually.

We use a travel agency for our company travel. They have both the actual flight and a processing fee, though they have the same label: travel leaders. Is there a way that i can separate these via tags without having to go in for each and everyone one? Something that can automate it in the future?

Hm, are the merchants identical? If not, you could create an Expense Rule, but if the merchant is exactly the same, there’s not a way to automatically separate these expenses. I would recommend reaching out to other users in the Expensify Community to see how they handle this particular situation.

Where do i go to add a Copilot?

You can add a Copilot under Settings > Your Account > Account Details > Copilot: Delegated Access.

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