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Missing Receipt Images after Exporting Reports to Quickbooks Online

JYorkJYork Posts: 6Approved! Accountant

My clients' Expensify policies are connected to Quickbooks Online. We have been exporting reports manually (meaning it is not auto-exported but export is initiated by the user) to Quickbooks Online. A link to the report will appear in the Expense memo, but the receipt jpg link will not show up as an attachment, even though there is a receipt associated with the expense in Expensify. Is there a setting that is responsible for getting receipt images to attach in Quickbooks Online? What could be preventing the image from being referenced in Quickbooks Online? Thanks in advance!

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  • JYorkJYork Posts: 6Approved! Accountant
  • Ted HarrisTed Harris Posts: 341Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Team

    These should appear when exporting into the attachments field:

    For larger reports, there's definitely a limitation imposed by QuickBooks on how much can be exported to that attachments field, so any large PDF's bringing the export to more than 25mb will simply block all exported images.

    If there are some specific reports you'd like our support team to look into, send over the Report ID, a screenshot (like the one above, but showing no attached receipts) and the email of the relevant user and they'll be able to dig into this for you.

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