Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — June 19th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Can a report be automatically added when someone makes a purchase on a credit card?

Yes, please take a look at this help article for more details on Scheduled Submit.

This feature will automatically add expenses to users reports and submit them.

Can expenses and credit card reconciliations be handled under the same policy or do they need to be separate?

Yes, they can be handled in the same policy. Please take a look at this article for more information on how this works.

Do I create a policy for reimbursable expenses? And one for non-reimbursable expenses?

You don't need to create separate policies for reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses. You can adjust the settings in your policy and keep them in the same one!

If we have employees that need to submit in something other than USD, we would need to create a separate policy, correct? So if our employees travel abroad and have reimbursable expenses, can they submit the amounts in EUR and Expensify will convert, or do I need to set up a separate policy?

For context, we will always convert your expenses back into your default currency. Individual users can set their default currency in their settings under Settings > Policies > Individual > [Policy Name] > Reports .

Any changes made to default output currencies will only apply to reports created after the change has been made. You will need to manually adjust the currency on any Open reports created under the previous settings by selecting the settings cog on the left panel of the report and the correct currency from the dropdown list.

Please take a look at this help article for more information on currency and surcharge.

If you designate a copilot with full access will they see everything, including expense reports sent to you by employees to approve or just the individual's expense reports?

Yes, they will have full access to the account and reports. Please take a look at this help article for more information about the Copilot feature.


We currently reimburse through payroll, if we want to continue doing it that way instead of having our bank account reimburse the employee how would we set that up?

You can mark these reports as manually reimbursed. Please find more information in this help article.

Managing People

How do I get the SUBMIT TO column in my users list (under PEOPLE)?

Please take a look at this help article for more information about approval workflow!

# Billing & Ownership

What is the price break down? How does that work??

Please find this information here:

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can you go over connecting your company cards to Expensify?

Company cards should be imported and assigned to users in Domain Control. You can find complete instructions in this help article.

My banker at Silicon Valley Bank explained that we can have the bank feed go directly to Expensify via a CDF file - can you explain how to do that?

Sure, more information and instructions can be found in this help article.


If I upload a receipt that matches my credit card statement will it automatically be attached to credit card?

Please take a look at this help article for more information on how the cash and credit card merging process works.

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