Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — June 27th, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Could you explain "eReceipts enabled"?

Sure thing! An eReceipt is a substitute for a paper receipt for expenses imported directly from a credit card, and not for lodging. You can learn more about eReceipts here.

What is the "select a feed" filter?

This filter allows you to filter in a specific card set. Selecting that filter will bring in all expenses that you have visibility into from that card connection.

Domain Control

The domain Control on my company is not verified.

You'll want to validate your domain in order to add company cards! You can find step by step instructions for getting started with that here.

What subscription do you need to have access to the Domain Control feature?

In order to set up Domain Control, you'll need to be a Policy Admin on a Control policy.


Does Expensify work with Sage100 Contractor

Expensify does not have a direct connection with that integration, but you can potentially export to a custom CSV and then upload into Sage. Learn more about working with an indirect integration here.

If my accounting software is not shown on the list of integrations does this mean I will not be using an accounting package?

You can potentially still use a custom CSV download if your accounting software allows uploads. Learn more about working with an indirect integration here.

The type of account I have is Collect. Under Group > Policies, there is no Connection tab. How will I download in QB desktop?

Have you clicked into the Policy itself, i.e. on the policy name? The connections tab will be about 1/3 of the way down the menu.


How does the "Description Hint" work?

It says whatever you add as the hint, in the Description box. e.g. “Business Purpose” is a really common one. You can learn more about how Description Hints work here.

I noticed you have an example with a separate policy for Travel expenses and General expenses. Do those reports then get submitted separately for each policy or can they combine to be reviewed/approved together?

If reports are on separate policies, they will be submitted separately and subject to the rules on that specific policy. However, do note that you will only want to submit expenses on separate policies if the rules need to be different! Otherwise they can all go through on the same policy.

What if I want to limit certain categories or tags to certain users? Does this require a separate policy for each group of users?

Yes - all Categories and Tags on a given policy will be visible to all users on that policy. If you need to keep separate lists of Categories or Tags, you will want to create separate policies for each list.

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