Company Card Webinar Q&A - June 26, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


I found where I can Import Transactions from File for my own account. I am a Domain Admin, and we have 6 Employee cards. Is there a place I can import transactions for all 6 cards? Or does the Employee need to log into their own account and import the CSV file themselves?

You can only import transactions into your own account. If you would like employees to import a CSV of transactions, they will need to take this action themselves from within their own account. You can find a handy guide to pass along to employees here.

If using direct bank connection, how often does Expensify sync or refresh the feed?

Bank feeds are refreshed every 24 hours (overnight US time). When the feed is refreshed, newly posted transactions will import into Expensify.

We connected our cards to Expensify with a start date of March 1 2019. I would like to pull in Jan/Feb expenses today, before I start my 2019 reconciliation. Is there a way I can bring those charges into Expensify now?

When first importing your card, Expensify will bring in as many historical expenses as your bank will send to us; this may be as few as 7 days or as many as 90 days, depending on the bank. If you need to pull transactions earlier than this date, you'll want to import these historical expenses via CSV. You can find a handy guide on how to do that here.

We have 3 different credit cards - all the members for all the cards are listed in Expensify. I need to do 3 separate reconciliations, one for each card set. How can I do that?

Each card connection will have a separate Reconciliation Dashboard - that is, if you have an Amex card set and a US Bank card set, the reconciliation for each set will be handled separately. You can find more details on using the Reconciliation Dashboard here.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

Are you using March 1-31 as an example when reconciling because that's the statement date? Or because that's the month the expenses will be reported on?

You'll want to use your statement dates when using the Reconciliation Dashboard - this will allow you to pull up the totals for that statement period so you can compare those numbers will your card statement!


Can you please go over how to push the transactions to Quickbooks Online?

You can learn more about exporting reports to QuickBooks Online in general here. If you are centrally managing your company cards through Domain Control, you can export expenses from each individual card to a specific account in QuickBooks (detailed instructions here).

Is there a way to get a downloaded report by expense category into Excel to create a Journal Entry? i will not be able to sync Expensify with my accounting software.

Sure thing! You can learn more about creating a custom export template to export reports to here. Or you may be able to access a pre-built template designed to work with your specific accounting system! Take a look at this guide to see if your integration is listed.

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