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Allow Domain Admins to Change User's Email/Username

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edited July 2019 in Ideas

This is a major pain point. Any other business class or enterprise grade application would allow its admins to change the email address without the user needing to be involved. Adobe Sign, Adobe Creative Cloud, BambooHR, Dropbox, Box, NetSuite, Duo, Cylance, Meraki, Stackify, etc. all provide a way for account admins to do this job.

Providing this would allow organizations with a domain change to easily move all their users over cleanly and swiftly. It would also provide a solution path for situations where access to an email address was lost.

We are currently going through the required manual process of working with each user to have them set a secondary login and make it the primary. This is fraught with user training problems and communication errors.

It seriously compounds the issue when a company uses SAML authentication, which we do. All users must make the change before we can switch over to the new authentication. Which means that once they make this change their SAML login stops working. We then must retrain them on how to login with a basic sign-on method, but only until we finally get it moved over, then we must retrain them back. This causes confusion and loss of faith in the product. Also, the users have not been using the normal login password and so most likely will have to reset it, adding another step in the whole process. Many users won't respond to the instructions to set the secondary login. And others are on vacation, which extends the period of migration.

It is all just a mess.

Please add access for admins to make these changes.

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