Admin Onboarding Webinar Q&A — July 17, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Collect receipts

You can find the differences between the Collect and Control policy features here

Is there an implementation fee? What does the implementation timeframe look like?

There is no implementation fee! Reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to get you set up for that.

Does an account get a dedicated support rep?

Not typically. You will have access to our entire world-wide Success Coach team. This allows you to have access to someone more quickly than if you had a dedicated representative.

Or do I need to set up accounts for my employee's a different way - create them a user name and password?

You can invite users to your policies based on their emails.

Can you briefly explain implementation specifics (what it entails, timeframe, etc.), ?

That would depend on the setup you need. You will need to reach out to [email protected] so we can get you connected with the implementation staff.

What's the difference between the category and tag?

A category is the main level, such as General Ledger account Office Supplies. A tag can be an additional level such as Main office which can be the Office supplies for the location Main office.

Is a tag the client? So if an expense is uploaded to the travel category can you tag it to the client the expense is for. We have multiple clients, so expenses need to be submitted and tag to a specific client.

You can tag expenses by Client or Customer. These can be imported from your Accounting Software if linked or manually created.

How can invite my employee to register and create their accounts ?

You can invite your users on the People page of your Policy.

Is there any info on how tags show up in QB

You can import Classes or Customers/Projects from QuickBooks as tags within Expensify.


Can you set reports that might have multiple requirements, i.e., USD, GPD, EUR currencies?

Your Policy can only have one final Currency. Employees can submit multiple currency expenses, but they will be converted to the Currency set on the Policy. Check out more information here

Is it possible for employees to submit expenses without having to put them on a report? Particularly if no approval is needed on our end?

No. All reports will need to be placed on a report to be submitted.

Can you set up multiple allocations on expenses?

Expenses can be split into multiple categories. Check out our help docs


Can you set up payment methods? i.e., corp credit card, personal credit card, check, cash, etc.

Reimbursement to employees can be done via ACH or PayPay within the US. To pay for your Expensify usage, you will need to enter a credit card.

How can I set up the payment method to reimburse employees knowing that the 2 policies are for 2 entities (two different countries)

You can set up a different reimbursement account per Policy. However, please note that at this time, it is only available in the US or Australia at this time.

Managing People

Can you have more than 1 admin?

You can have as many Admins as you wish to have.

Can you create different tagging requirements for specific employees under the same Policy?

"It sounds like you might want to consider setting up multiple policies.

A policy is the set of rules, settings, and spending limits for expense reports in your organization. Creating multiple policies allows you to set up coding configurations specific to the group of users in the Policy. For more information, please take a look at this help doc!"

Can someone be both an auditor and an employee who can submit expenses?

No, they would need to be one or the other.

How do you add CFO lewis to submit to?

You can set up your Approval Workflow within your Policy. Check us out here.

How can I associate an employee to specific departments (department code) for analytical analysis? if this is possible

"You can set your Department to import under your Configuration. This will then import as a Tag.

You can then filter expenses by Tags to see the specific department total."

Billing & Owners

Does a "copilot" count as a paid user?

A Copilot account alone will not be billed if there is no activity taking place on any reports, but the Copilot will be billed if they take action on a report. We bill the billing owner based on activity, and any report action would make this Copilot a billable actor.

Are you charged per Policy? ex. If we have 2 policies, but the same 5 employees on both are we charged for 10 users? I envision, for example, crediting one policy for the corporate credit card where we aren't reimbursing expenses and another for reimbursable expenses/expenses paid by the individual employee

You are charged based on active users. You can have as many policies you wish and will only be billed once per user no matter how many policies they are active on.


Can Expensify be used to track time? We have employees in the field and would like them to track their time working on different projects at different properties.

We have an integration with TSheets to track time. Check out the information on that here.

For integration with Quickbooks, Can you just show applicable GL accounts rather than the entire chart of accoutns?

You can enable or disable the categories that are visible within the Policy Categories. Check out our video here

We integrate with quickbooks. We already mapped our categories, but would like to use tags to isolate certain info. Are tags more for filtering within Expensify? How do tags interact with QB and do they have to interact?

The tags need to be imported from QuickBooks. You can see the options for QBD here as an example

What if our accounting system is not on the integrations page?

We do have options to do an Indirect integration to accounting software not listed here. Check out this here

are the various integrations included in the user price, or will they mean extra monthly fees?

Everything is included in the user price. Integrations and ACH reimbursements also!

For QBO, can you add a class (dept) as well as the account?

"Certainly! You can set your Class to import under your Configuration. This will then import as a Tag."

Company Cards

If a receipt isn't attached and our Policy requires a receipt. Can I set up a rule to prevent a manager from approving a report without a receipt?

You certainly can! Check out the Hard Stops here

If you have multiple divisions that use the same email domain, can you do domain control and exclude certain users whose accounts you don't want to control. In other words, is it all or nothing?

Domain Control is all or nothing. You can, however, add users to specific groups and separate restrictions.


Is the Policy can be used to separate two legal entities ?

Yes. We recommend a separate policy for each separate legal entity.

How long are expense reports available to view?

Expense reports are visible for as long as the account is still active. If all of the accounts on the Policy have been deleted, the reports will also be deleted.

Is there a way for admin to print a full detailed expense report - per report submitted - with attachments for auditing purposes? as our documents should be kept for 7 years.

You can download a PDF copy of a report in the web app by going into the report and then clicking the Generate PDF icon on the left side.

Can you take over someone's expenses without being a copilot if you are an admin

As a Policy Admin, you don't have the ability to add or remove expenses from users' Open reports. While you can make some edits to an Open report created by another user, only the report creator can add or move expenses from one report to another. If you need to do this on behalf of an employee, consider asking them to grant you full-access Copilot privileges.

Thank you! We had an employee who recently quit. I need to add expenses on his behalf. How do I go about this?

Was this Expensify account created with a work email address? If so, I recommend having your IT department to gain access to the old email account and then submit a password reset from the Expensify login page to gain access to the Expensify account. Once your IT team gains access to the account, you will be able to complete the necessary actions, such as complete/send any final transactions/reports or delete account information.

Can I be added as an extra editor to his report for these purposes? is their no workaround

Unfortunately no, you will need to have access to the actual account to make those changes.

Is there a way to add additional users on someone's account

The original account holder can add another Copilot to the account since this is giving explicit permission for the access but not anyone else.

Are members of the world-wide success coach team Expensify employees, or third party?

They are Expensify employees.

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