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Handle purchase orders (to external vendors)

ckostelecky Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Currently, Expensify handles internal expense reports. Is there anyone who's found a workaround to use it for external purchases?

An employee receives a bill from a vendor for services rendered, but won't be paying it with their company credit card.

Do you add a field on the report to say "Expense Report" vs "Purchase Order" and then just look at the merchant name? Does that work with QB Integration or cause issues?

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  • tylerzoll
    tylerzoll Approved! Accountant Posts: 430 Expensify Champion

    @ckostelecky One thing that I recommend would be to get in touch with your bank and see if they can run your vendor list through a visa match. Your bank can usually generate a really nice report of all of your vendors that currently accept credit cards. We find that about 90% of our vendors accept credit cards which is our preferred way to pay a vendor.

    Personally, I really despise the whole purchase order process with the 3 way match and all of the rigmarole that goes with it. The only reason that we use a purchase order is when we are ordering items that need to be received and resold. I don't use Expensify for those expenses, but those charges happen very orderly and sequentially.

    If you are set on a purchase order process, I would recommend leaving Expensify out of the mix for that one.