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Allow card transactions to be "detached" from expense when mismatched

mwolcott Expensify Customer Posts: 1
edited July 2019 in Ideas

When a credit card transaction merges with a wrong expense, the card transaction takes on the information (other than the minimal info that comes from the bank) from the expense created with the receipt--tags, report name, etc. Obviously this information does not belong to the card transaction because it's not the same charge, but the only way to correct this today is to detach the receipt from the expense and start all over again--populate the correct info for the card transaction AND re-populate the info for the receipt then re-merge with the correct card transaction. Not only does this cause me to start from scratch with these items but it essentially triplicates work. I would like to be able to "detach" the card transaction instead of detaching the receipt. While the automatic merge work pretty well most of the time, I often have various charges of similar amount and dates in foreign currencies that are imported in my local currency which is the vast majority of the issues.

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