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We are looking into whether or not ACH reimbursement through Expensify makes sense for our company. Currently, expense reimbursements are handled through our payroll provider. If we transition this to Expensify, we would like to maintain the following:

  1. coincide reimbursements with payroll periods (15th/EOM)
  2. run reports showing detail by employee for reimbursements per pay period
  3. "bulk" reimburse reports after final approval.

It appears from what I am reading that "final approval" triggers a report for reimbursement, unless manual reimbursement is selected in Policies. If this is selected, however, each expense report will have to be triggered for reimbursement individually. Please respond and let me know if/how the above three points can be addressed through your system. Many thanks! 😀


  • Nicole Trepanier
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    Hi @accounting_lcg1! With Expensify ACH both 1 and 3 are features that we don't offer. While you have the option to either reimburse automatically upon final approval or manually reimburse each report, there is no way to schedule a date that reimbursements would run.

    We have more information on why we don't bulk reimburse reports in this post here.

    It might be possible with twice monthly scheduled submit but you would need to have automatic approval and reimbursement for it to be done on those dates.

    Manual reimbursement can only be done one at a time.