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Our distance feature is getting an upgrade!

Flavia FariaFlavia Faria Expensify Team Posts: 22 Expensify Team

You asked, we listened. We’re very excited to announce two updates to our Distance feature - multiple mileage rates in a single policy is live today and VAT tracking on distance expenses is coming soon. 

Tell me what’s new!

Previously, in the Distance section of a policy, companies could only add a single distance rate. Now, companies can add and reimburse employees in as many rates as they need! When creating expenses, employees just select the correct rate and future expenses will automatically populate with the selected rate.

How can I configure this?

Just head to Settings > Policies > [policy name] > Expenses > Distance. You’ll see your current default rate there and by clicking on “Add Mileage Rate” you can add a new rate. You can also disable a rate by toggling it off, which will prevent new expenses being created with it!

Have a look at our Mileage help article to check out this change in more detail. 

PS: We’ll let you know through another product update post once VAT tracking on distance expenses is ready to go live. In the meantime, enjoy multiple mileage rates in a single policy!


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