Company Card Webinar Q&A - June 30, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here


Once the AMEX Business Cards are linked then transactions will flow automatically into Expensify to create pending expense reports that need actioned by the card holder correct?

Just trying to avoid having to download the data and upload manually.

That is correct. Once the card is assigned under Domain Control, the expenses will flow to the assigned employee so they can attach receipts and information as needed.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

Can the list of cards on the Reconciliation Dashboard be exported?

The list of cards, themselves, can’t be exported but the expenses on each card can be by clicking the blue hyperlink on each card.

How do i download a reconciliation dashboard unto a csv excel file?

You are not able to download the Cards, per say, but you will be able to export the expenses per card by clicking the blue hyperlink showing each card's expenses.

Is there a way to download all expenses from all submitters during a period showing how much from cash, how much from company credit card, how much from personal card, etc. to get total expense? Also shows how much of total expense is approved vs. unapproved?

This could be done by creating a Custom CSV export with the information you wish to have. More information can be found here.

What if the totals are greater that statement - can we remove expenses from a report and put them into next months?

You can move the expenses to a different report via the Reconciliation Dashboard. However, the totals showing on the Dashboard are not Report specific but card specific.


My concern is really when we want to import into NetSuite - I have a monthly submit schedule on last day of month - credit card statements are 28th for month.

You can control the date the report is submitted by enabling Scheduled Submit. You can then set the dates based on your statement more closely.

We have some credit card users that may expense to different companies that are under our management. Will they be able to select which company an expense was for so that it goes into the correct GL account distribution?

Definitely! I would recommend each company have their own policy. Once that is set up, the client can choose which policy to submit the expense to.

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