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Unallowable Expenses with Expensify

klaasic Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
edited August 2019 in Ideas

Our organization does business with public entities. Based upon accounting rules, if a meal expense contains alcohol, we must perform a calculation and splits out the alcohol charges, percentage of tax, and tip; then assign that portion to the category code (92800 Unallowable Meals).

Expensify does have the ability to perform this split. However, when a user submits a receipt, it is often unclear what line items are alcohol. Depending on the receipt, it may not show the tip either. Without this information, our accounting approvers can't accurately perform this "unallowable" split.

Based on the size of our user base, trying to get the employees to do the split accurately would be very difficult. Ideally, we would want this split to happen by accounting during the approval life cycle.

If Expensify had fields for total alcohol amount and tip amount, that could be a solution.

I'm curious to see if anyone in the community has the same requirement? We've been trying to adopt Expensify, however this has been a sticking point within our organization.

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