Admin Webinar Q&A - August 01 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


If I have employees submitting their expenses based on the job they are doing, so different employees need to submit to different people. Do I need to set a policy for each job?

Nope! That's not necessary. You can configure a multi-faceted approval workflow within a single policy.

Managing People

Can you set up a user account for accounting purposes like downloading reports and viewing all expense items, but set the permissions so that user can't approve or generate reimbursement?

If you want a user to be able to view and comment on reports but not have the capability of editing or reimbursing them, you'd want to set their user role to Auditor.

Billing & Ownership

if the same user is on two policies, are they billed twice as active users?

As long as the billing owner is the same across both policies, the same user can be a part of two policies and their activity will only be charged once.


Can different policies be connected to different QB databases or QB online accounts?

Yes, since accounting integrations are connected at the policy-level, you can have separate QuickBooks accounts connected to different policies.

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