Identifying Expenses

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Reimbursable, Non-Reimbursable, Billable Expenses

Using the filtering options will allow you to easily look directly into specific expenses.  This is a quick way to see if your expenses are coded as expected. I recommend always starting with a clean slate and resetting your filters to ensure there’s nothing getting in the way from seeing all expected expenses. There was an error displaying this embed.

To see all the details of an expense, click to open the expense which will allow you to edit. There was an error displaying this embed.

On the Expense page you are also able to tell, by the icon on the expense line, how the expense was created. There was an error displaying this embed.


  • DaveweezDaveweez Posts: 168Expensify Customer Expensify Aficionado

    For the user, the reimbursable/non-reimbursable distinction is confusing. 

    Take away the ability for users to select "Non-Reimbursable" if they don't have a corporate card allocated to them. Instead, give them a "Personal" selection, where it does not get imported to the ERP at all.

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