Admin Webinar Q&A - August 07 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here

Setup Tasks

Can you turn off notifications when approved, rejected etc?

Just navigate to your Settings > Your Account > Preferences > Contact Preferences . From there, you can update your notification settings. If you're being prompted to take care of something in your Expensify Inbox , you'll need to head there to resolve the outstanding tasks, otherwise, I'll be sure to remind you weekly about these!

Would you say that tags are a subset of category in Expensify?

Tags can be additional information. For example, your category is Supplies and you can tag them either SF Office or Dallas Office. You could also use these same tags with another category like Utilities. Tags are not dependent on the category.

I manage expenses for 4 different companies. There are 3 employees. Can I accomplish this with one “Control” account? Then does each employee have to set up a submitter account?

Each employee will need their own Expensify account. If the Approval Workflow and Categories are the same for all 4 companies, you can create one Control Policy. However, you can have your own account with 4 different policies. Users can be members of as many policies as you need and you will be only billed once as long as you are the billing owner for all of them.

What I am hoping to use this expensify for the employee to turn in the receipt and then to select the correct cost code for their department. So would that require different policies and different tags?

That would be the best way to set them up.


Can an expense be both reimbursable and billable?

Definitely! For example an employee purchases a cable for a client on the way to a meeting. Your employee needs to be reimbursed but the client will be billed in the future for this.

Managing People

Can a copilot be someone who is not on the plan?

No, a Copilot will need to be have an Expensify account.

We have 5 company cards and 22 employees. We have signed up all 22 employees. The employees that do not have cards how do they submit receipts to the person whose card it is? Should they be listed as copilots?

Yes, they would need to be the CoPilot for the user who is assigned the card to be able to link the receipt for them.

The Copilot feature allows you to give someone else delegated access to your account. From their own Expensify account, they will be able to access your account and take actions like adding expenses and creating, submitting and approving reports on your behalf (depending on the permissions you allow).

Workflow enforcement

Would the person who is a final approver need to submit the report to themself?

Yes, a Final Approver can Final Approve his own report unless restricted from doing so within Domain Control.

Billing & Ownership

Could you have both annual subscribers and month to month members. We have full-time employees and summer interns?

Definitely! You can set your Annual Subscription to the Full-time employees and your summer interns would be billed at the Pay-per-use price. You can find more information about that on our billing page here.


Once an expense is approved what comes next? What if it is approved and uploaded to Quickbooks but we need to change something. Do I update Quickbooks or Expensify?

Once a report has been Final Approved and exported to QuickBooks, we recommend you make the updates within QuickBooks. Re-exporting from Expensify may cause duplicates in QuickBooks and cause confusion.

Once final approved does the information flow into your accounting software (ie QBO)?

If you have Auto Sync enabled, the report will flow into QBO after Final Approval.

Company Cards & Domain Control

How do you connect to your bank to download your credit card activity by employee?

You can link your Corporate cards. The steps can be found here

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