Notifications for reimbursable expenses?

KathyMKathyM Posts: 1Expensify Customer

I am set up as a policy admin.  Is there a way to set up notifications so I am alerted when employees have reimbursable expenses.  We normally reimburse outside of Expensify, so reimbursement is set up as indirect.

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  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,908 Expensify Success Coach
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    Hi @KathyM, good question! There isn't a notification setting for being alerted to reimburse reports outside Expensify. Ideally we encourage the use of ACH reimbursement through Expensify, but also know it doesn't always fit well for every customer.

    Can you tell me more about why you reimburse outside Expensify?

    As long as Indirect reimbursement is the selected option, there won't be any way to set up reminders. This could be a useful addition to our Ideas category however, as other customers may support it as a feature request.

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