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Co-Piloting: Policy Admin selects who they can co-pilot

Sasha Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer


In our company we have quite a few sub-contractors working for us at all times. Some are regular, some sporadical and quite a few are just one-timers. Most sub-contractors have little interest in learning new solutions/systems, especially if they are working for multiple companies working on different systems. For this we have our own subcontractor-admins taking care of expenses.

The solution we are hoping Expensify will implement is for Policy Admins to be able to select who they want to co-pilot, instead of sending out e-mails to each individual subcontractor asking them to manually add the person who is going to co-pilot their account. This is something which is taking quite some time as we are working with subcontractors on a global scale and most of them are just using their own system to invoice us for their expenses.

For us, subcontractors should only need to upload their expenses to Expensify and from there we want our admins to take care of the rest. This solution will not just make everything related to expenses more efficient, it will also make everything more streamlined as there will be no idling between work done and subcontractors issuing their own invoices, which our admins then need to manually enter into the system.

I hope this option is something you could implement soon.



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