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"Auto-coding" & Repeat Merchants

C_Bradford_1 Approved! Accountant Posts: 18 Expensify Newcomer


My clients often use the same or similar merchants every month for their expenses, such as the likes of Uber, TFL (for tube travel), Pret, etc.

Is there a way we can get a feature added which would allow receipts of certain merchants to automatically be allocated to a certain account (which could be over-ridden if required)?

For example, my client might go to Starbucks quite often when on a business trip, and so it would be ideal if that, when the client uploads a Starbucks receipt, it automatically gets allocated to subsistence, rather than the client having to select this themselves, as it can be quite monotonous for clients to repeatedly have to select an account for this, especially if they use this merchant often?

I believe the smart scan automatically fills out date, merchant and amount, meaning that the client would only have to input a comment if we had an "auto-code" feature, which would be beneficial for both the client and the processor of the expense claim.

Many thanks.

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