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Reimbursable Expenses

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My clients often have "reimbursable" (out of pocket expenses for which they need reimbursing / paying) and "non-reimbursable" expenses (expenses which they paid on a company card, and therefore pull through as matching items to a bank reconciliation in our accounting software when processed via Expensify).

The trouble I often have is that the clients often mix up their reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses on a claim, and tick reimbursable when it is non-reimbursable, or vice versa.

This means that if a receipt is processed as reimbursable when it is supposed to be non-reimbursable by mistake (or vice versa), and the claim is then submitted / approved, this error then pulls through to our accounting software.

When attempting to correct this and then exporting the report again, I noticed that it exports the whole report again, rather than simply correcting / updating the previously exported report.

Is there not a way that exporting a report again cannot simply "over-ride" the previous export, rather than effectively duplicating entries, as this makes a mess of the accounting system otherwise, and it makes it very hard to correct mistakes.

Many thanks.

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