How-to: Export reports as a PDF

Sheena Trepanier
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Expensify reports with at least one expense can be exported and saved as a PDF, no matter which state the report is in (open, processing, approved, closed or reimbursed.) This option is only available using a web browser.

To export your report as a PDF

  1. Log into your Expensify account at using your preferred web browser, (ie: Chrome or Safari)
  2. Head to your Reports page and locate the report
  3. Click on the Details section at the top right of the report
  4. Use the Download button to generate a PDF

Important: PDFs can only be downloaded one report at a time.

To export multiple reports you will want to use our CSV export option. This option does not contain image files but it does contain links to each receipt which we will store indefinitely in Expensify.

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