Reminder emails for missing receipts?

Lizzie Expensify Customer Posts: 31 Expensify Newcomer
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We have set up for scheduled submits for the last day of the month. If an employee has not submitted a few receipts will a reminder email go out and if so how often?




  • Stephanie Elliot
    Stephanie Elliot Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 84 Expensify Team

    Hey Lizzie! As long as you have Receipts Required on your Group policy (configured under Violations on the Expenses tab), any expenses without a receipt but over the Receipt Required Amount will be flagged with a Violation. Expenses with Violations will not be submitted automatically via Scheduled Submit.

    For any outstanding Violations (like missing receipts!), employees will receive a weekly email reminding them to fix the Violations so that the expenses can be submitted. You can learn more about the Weekly Reminder Email and what it looks like here.