Credit card posting date vs transaction date

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Anyone else having issues reconciling with their card statement each month due to the fact the Expensify imports the transaction date vs. the posting date? We can't reconcile our GL account in Netsuite because what we are paying our corporate card on our monthly statement doesn't match what Expensify has exported into Netsuite? I can't imagine we are the only ones with this issue??


  • Nicole Trepanier
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    Hi @Schrodinger! I do see that you have an open thread with concierge and that an engineering request has been created to see if we can get this fixed for you. One thing that may be helpful to speed things along is if you send the web services usage log from NS to concierge on the thread.

    You would need to attempt to export a report to retrieve them. Instructions can be found below:

    • Try exporting the report again.
    • In NS, global search for "Web Services Usage Log"
    • Search for the Record Type {journalEntry OR expenseReport OR vendorBill} and for the Add action
    • For the most recent one, click on the two view links under Request and Response : these are the two xml files we need.
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    Hi, we are new to Expensify and I have been tasked with getting this up and running. I was wondering if this was issue was ever addressed? We use posting date verses transaction date to reconcile in NetSuites. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sonia Liapounova
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    @Heather_87 we'd be happy to take a look at any trouble you're running into! Could you send a message to or via the in-app chat? We're likely to ask you for logs and your account information so I think it would be better to address it in a private thread via a conversation with Concierge.

  • Schrodinger
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    @Heather_87 no we have not gotten this resolved. I was told we were the only customer having issues with this which I still find hard to believe. We use Silicon Valley Bank and we have monthly reconciliation issues because Expensify uses the sale date but SVB statements use the posting date. Ex: a card is swiped on May 30th so Expensify has May posting period. It did not clear until June so it won't be on the May statement, it will be on the June statement. I've tried over and over again to explain the issue but since I'm told I'm the only one using SVB and NetSuite with the issue that there is nothing they can do. Perhaps it is how our connection with Expensify is set up but I don't have the resources to dig in on our end. I hope you have better luck!

  • Maddy Lewis
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    Hi @Schrodinger - Thanks for brining this up. I went ahead and raised this with my engineering team again.

    When I have an update, I'll send you a message via Concierge. Thanks!

  • Heather_87
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    @Schrodinger this is going to be my issue as well. We use Chase GlobalMastercard and I wondered if it was the connection but I couldn't find where to change it. I wonder if it was when my boss set it up intentionally with the bank?

    Hopefully now that I have the same issues Expensify can help resolve the issue for the both of us.

  • Jason Li
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    Hi @Heather_87 - I'm sorry to hear that you're running into the same issue! Could you write in to us at We'll be able to assist further.

  • Schrodinger
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    @Maddy Lewis;

    These were the suggested steps I was told to take to remedy the situation however I don't think it would solve the issue and there seemed to be too many variables and unknowns for us to do the following:

    Rachael from Expensify <>

    Thu, Feb 13, 12:57 PM

    Hi Julie, I'd like to revisit the necessity on this one. Right now, we have thousands of users on NetSuite, a large portion of whom use SVB Mastercards, but you are the only one who has requested this change of date export, so I'd like to explore why that is. To be honest, it is still sitting with the engineering team, with no action, and I suspect that is because it is a lot of engineering resource needed, and little demand so far.

    I see your example that you sent through there, with the dates 01-31 Jan - were these the dates on the card transactions on the statement? Do you think you could send me a PDF of the entire statement so that I can take a look at it in its entirety?

    My response:

    Hi Rachael,

    Thank you for your response, much appreciated! Yes I can send you the January statement for you to compare, see attached. That is interesting that other with NS and SVB don't have any issues. I hope if you can dig in deeper we can figure out together how to remedy this for us. Perhaps it has something to do with how our NS integration was set up?

    Rachael's response:

    Wonderful, thank you! I also reached out to a large company in NZ (where I am based) who uses NetSuite and SVB (US entity), and they have told me they export all non-reimbursables as Vendor Bills and reconcile within Expensify.

    I have taken a look at the statement, and I think that this method is going to make life much easier for you:

    1. Go to Settings Domains > Company Cards and click View All at the end of the alphabet (far right above the header row)
    2. Enter the statement dates +2 days. So if the statement is 01/01-01/31 go with 01/03-02/02
    3. This should replicate the statement
    4. Go through each cardholder on your statement and compare the total with the user Total in Expensify
    5. Check there is a 0 in the Unapproved Total column - if not, these will need to be processed asap
    6. The Total should be what has been exported to NetSuite, assuming there has been no export troubles

    You may like to enable Auto-sync on each Policy so that you know that if a report is 'Approved' it has also been exported to NetSuite.

    Also, I see your Scheduled Submit frequency is set to 'Manually' - I recommend you set this to fortnightly or monthly, with a submission date of the 5th of each month. This means, by the time you go to reconcile the statement, all of that statement's expenses should have been well and truly processed.

    Do you currently reconcile in Expensify? Do you know how to use this tool? It's pretty awesome, so read this post if you want all the details (we also have a webinar). Essentially, if the Total is correct, and the Unapproved total is $0, then everything has been processed and exported to NetSuite. You can also use it to submit the last few expenses on a user's behalf, and you can reconcile no matter how many reports have been submitted, or when.

    I won't close the engineering ticket, because I think it's a good idea, but hopefully, that should make it not so crucial for you in the interim!

    Feel free to come back to me if you have any further queries about any of this. 

    Regards, Rachael

    My boss didn't think this would fix the issue and we didn't want to mess anything up with the NS configuration since we didn't build it, especially since our non-reimbursable (corporate card expenses) are exported as Journal Entires, not Vendor Bills.

  • Kirk Barrett
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    @SSchrodingerSchrodinger@Schrodinger Can you reach out to or through in-app chat? We'd be happy to help walk you through these next steps, and to better explain the reasons for the above steps. Thanks!

  • Matt_P
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    I'll reach out in app too but want to add to the count of companies with the same issue (NS and SVB).

  • Schrodinger
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    Thank you for commenting that this is an issue for you too! It's been frustrating to say the least when I've been told I am the only one having this issue. I feel like this should be a semi-easy fix so that the Expensify date that exports into NS is the posting date so it can match the SVB statements. I will also reach out again through in-app chat.

  • jstewart
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    Having a similar issue with posted date vs. transaction date. How do we use the transaction date for the expenses?

  • Mikail
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    @Schrodinger @jstewart @Matt_P @Heather_87


    Did anyone get help on this issue? Many of my clients use Sage Intacct and all credit card transactions in Expensify sync to Intacct with the transaction/sale date. I was also told by Expensify support that I am the only one who is requesting this feature which seemed odd because I've never worked with a company that reconciled a credit card using the transaction/sale date. I tried to explain that a credit card statement period is based on the posting date, but I was not able to get help. I'm really hoping someone on this thread found a solution to this issue! I would appreciate the help!

    Thank you,


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    Canada here. We have the same issue with our cards (Scotiabank). We need Expensify to pull in Posted date, not Transaction date.