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Multiple company/policy support on import

IggyLitesIggyLites Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

My biggest frustration with Expensify is that I run 2 companies plus personal expenses, and there seems to be a pretty big gap between importing and reporting where sorting through things get hard.

I'm a big believer that organization starts at the beginning, and the ability to import expenses directly was a response to us carrying a ton of paper receipts to later file. With that being said what I'd love to see is a way to pick what policy the expense I import goes to when I snap that photo. Even from the Expenses tab this isn't possible. I have to either go through this rather convoluted process of swapping my default policy, or edit a self-made report to then assign a NEW report to the right policy. It seems unnecessarily complicated and ends up costing me a ton of time of "clean up" afterwards.

Can we add a policy selection upon import? Maybe a code on the email to identify policies when forwarding e-receipts?


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