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Could not retrieve data from Quickbooks - Clear Old Agent Token

EdwardS_FTGEdwardS_FTG Posts: 1Expensify Customer

We've been having trouble syncing with Quickbooks. I was advised by support to disconnect QBD from each policy and try establishing this connection from the beginning with a new token. Done that, and it's now sync'd. However, we needed to configure the sync to enable "Customers/Projects" tag. When I attempted to save it, i got the "Could not retrieve data from Quickbooks" and it doesn't want to completely sync again.

I noticed that it might be an issue with the "Old" Agent token. I'm only running one instance of Expensify Sync Manager (local only), that is confirmed. When I checked the log, it seems to have remnants of the old agent token. Is there a way to clear that off the system? I have a feeling that is the culprit.

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