The new ExpensifyApproved! University for accountants – now with CPE credits!

James Dean
James Dean Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 3 Expensify Team

To date, ExpensifyApproved! University has provided free Expensify training and certification for thousands of accountants worldwide. With content that covers everything from expense management best practices to client onboarding and corporate card reconciliation, the University is the best way for accountants to get started with Expensify. 

Today, ExpensifyApproved! University gets some major upgrades: 

  1. We’ve moved everything over to an enhanced learning platform at Sign up and take a look!
  2. We’ve released “Getting Started with Expensify,” a free introductory training and certification course for any accountant who wants to onboard and manage clients in Expensify. 
  3. We’ll award 3 CPE credits to all US-based accountants who pass the course!

In addition, any accountant worldwide who completes the course will get a free Expensify account, membership in the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program, and exclusive access to our onboarding team for help with client setup.

Take the course today!