How-to: Merge Accounts

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If you have accidentally created two accounts (such as with your email address and your phone number) or if you have 2 accounts for any other reason, you can merge them together in many cases.

Once you merge accounts you're essentially combining the two accounts meaning all receipts, expenses, expense reports, invoices, bills, imported cards, secondary logins, co-pilots, and group policy settings will be combined into one account. Be careful because merging accounts is not reversible!

Notes before you get started:

  1. This feature is not available on the mobile app, you'll need to head to our website at
  2. Only an account holder (user) can merge accounts. This cannot be done by an Admin on a user's behalf.
  3. Not all accounts can be merged. If you are using an email address that is a part of a verified domain, you will need to start from that email account. For example, if you need to merge your personal account (using something like a address) with your company account (ending in, you will need to start by logging into the company email address account, and merge the personal account into it. It is not possible to merge a verified domain email account into a personal account; it will need to be done in the other direction. No harm in trying if you aren't sure--you'll get an error message!
  4. And on that note, if you have accounts under 2 verified domains, you will not be able to merge them together at all.
  5. Merging accounts will effectively delete the old "personal" Individual Policy, so if you need to resubmit reports on a different policy in future, make sure that any reports on the Individual policy on the old account are Open when the accounts are merged - you can usually click Undo Submit to do this.

How to merge accounts:

  1. Go to the Expensify website
  2. Login to the account you want to be primary and go to Settings > Account
  3. Scroll to the Merge Accounts section and fill in the fields (you'll be prompted to enter the Magic Code that was sent to the email address tied to the account you're merging from).
  4. Click Merge Accounts

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