How-to: Handle a Locked Verified Bank Account

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When you reimburse a report, you authorize Expensify to withdraw the funds from your account. However, if your bank rejects Expensify’s withdrawal request, your verified bank account will be locked until you resolve the issue.

Unlocking your verified bank account

Step 1: Determine the reason for the rejected request.

Withdrawal requests can be rejected due to insufficient funds, or if the verified bank account has not been enabled for direct debit.

Step 2: Contact your bank to take the required steps to resolve the issue.

Note: If you need to enable direct debits from your verified bank account, your bank will require Expensify’s ACH CompanyIDs in order to allow future debits from the account.

  • Expensify's ACH ID for reimbursements is 1270239450
  • Expensify's ACH ID for Expensify Card settlements is 4270239450 & 2270239450
  • Expensify’s ACH Originator Name is "Expensify"

Step 3: Submit a request to

Once you’ve resolved the issue, please email with these details:

  • The subject line “Unlocking verified bank account”.
  • Your user email address, including the last four digits of the locked account, and the reason for the rejected request (i.e., insufficient funds, account not enabled for direct debits).

Once we receive your email, we will follow up and unlock your account.

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