How-to: Set up Lyft for company use

Sonia Liapounova
Sonia Liapounova Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 210 Expensify Team

There are two ways to automatically import Lyft business ride receipts into Expensify: you can set up a Lyft Business Profile for yourself, or enable Lyft for Business for your entire company. 

Setting up Lyft for Business for your whole team:

If you have a Lyft for Business account for your company, you can invite your entire team to start forwarding their ride receipts to Expensify. 

  1. Open your Lyft for Business portal from a web browser.
  2. Navigate to People > Business Profile (+) and input each team member's work email.
  3. Once invited, each employee will receive an email prompting Lyft Business Profile setup. 
  4. After they setup their profiles, employees can then switch into business profile mode each time they take a ride for work, and their receipts will automatically populate in Expensify.
  5. When any employee completes a ride on a Lyft Business Profile, it will show up in the "Rides" section of your Lyft for Business portal. 

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