How-to: Admins: View employee reports (on web and on mobile)

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As a Policy Admin, you can view any of your employees' reports, regardless of whether they have been submitted yet.

Viewing employee reports (on the Expensify website):

  • Click on the Reports tab then select the correct filters to locate the report(s) you would like to view.
  • If you can't find the report, try clicking Show Filters and then try to narrow down your search.
  • You can view reports in any state (Open, Approved, Submitted, Reimbursed, or Closed) as a Policy Admin.

  • Click on a report to view its contents. The next steps to take place on the report will be clearly displayed at the top of the screen:

  • From here, click an expense within the report. Learn how to amend expenses here.

Viewing employee reports (on the mobile app):

The mobile app works a little differently when viewing reports. You will not be able to view policy members' reports by tapping on the Reports list. This will only bring you to your own reports.

  • The only time that you (or any approver) will be able to view another policy member's report in the Expensify app is if it has been submitted directly to you, and you have clicked a link to review/approve this report from an email or via the Inbox.
  • You will either approve/reject the report or be walked through the review process for the report first (if there are expenses that need your attention).
  • Once the report has been approved/rejected, it will no longer be viewable in the app. To view it again, head to the website and use the above steps to check it out!

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