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I can't figure out how to import my reports to after following the instructions to upgrade. We used to be able to just submit the reports to but that isn't happening anymore, even though it says i'm connected. Expensify is importing our reports to quickbooks, but I need them to go to too. Your rep told me to have everyone share their reports manually, but I know we didn't used to have to do this. Any ideas about what's going on?


  • Brigid  Bello
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    Hey there!

    When you are connected to both and Quickbooks Online, you basically create a three-way integration between Expensify, Quickbooks, and

    With the three-way sync, reports will take this path: Expensify > QuickBooks Online >

    First you will submit and approve your reports in Expensify and then export them to QuickBooks (this will happen automatically if you’re using auto-sync). From there, you will sync your account with Quickbooks. This will pull in your vendor bills to

    If you want to keep your Expensify policy connected to both and Quickbooks, you can disconnect from completely, and then manually share each report with instead.

    Alternatively if you'd rather just submit your reports directly from Expensify to without going through QuickBooks, you will need to disconnect your policy from QuickBooks Online completely.