How-to: Set up and use Report and Invoice Fields

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Report fields allow you to define information at the report header level (as opposed to tags, which define expenses at the line-item level).

Such information can include a specific project, business trip, location, etc. These are completely customizable based on your policy's needs.

Invoice Fields: To learn more about the Invoice fields, check out this support article.

Customizing Report Fields

Important notes before getting started:

  • If you are directly integrating with an accounting system for a company Policy, check out the article on your specific package (QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Intacct, Xero or NetSuite) as you will want to create these fields within that system and then sync over to Expensify. You will not be able to create them within Expensify because they would then not align with your accounting system. 
  • You must be a Policy Admin in order to create report fields for a Company policy. (Report fields can be configured for reports on your Personal policy under Settings> Policies > Personal Policy > Reports page).
  • As long as you have report fields set up for a policy, they will be required pieces of information for that report. If a report field is not filled in or selected, this will flag a report violation and may prevent report submission or export.

To set up customized report fields for your policy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Policies > Policy Name > Reports and scroll down to Report Fields.
  2. Under Add New Field, enter the name of the report field that will display into the Field Title to indicate the type of information to be chosen.
  3. Decide which input method you need under Type:
  • Text: Users will have a free text box to write in the requested information.
  • Dropdown: This will create a set of options for the user to select from.
  • Date: This option will display a box that, when clicked, will pull up a calendar for the user to select a date.

Note: Report fields are "sticky" . This means that if these values are changed by an employee, the change will stick and be reflected upon the next report that's created.

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