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More Admin Capabilities

david_wheat Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer


It would be great if Expensify admins could do more on behalf of our users. For example, update Secondary Logins for them or set a co-pilot on their behalf.

Also, sometimes expense reports come to me for approval as Admin because of the lag on when I can add the correct approver to someone (the approver hasn't registered yet, but the user submits a report which has been set to me as the default approver). I wish as Admin, I could choose a "Re-assign" option instead of just approve or reject.

Finally, and this doesn't fit well into the main topic, but I think I should be able to copy an export format between policies. We have a policy per each division in our company and I have to manually create our specific export format each time we add a division.

Overall, love the product. Keep it simple, but add powerful Admin capabilities!

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