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Adding attendees to expenses - add feature to store all previous adds so no re-entry required

CWS Expensify Customer Posts: 2
edited August 2019 in Ideas

Hi all,

I like the ability to add attendees to an expense. I often travel with a work partner and I cover the costs for both of us.

However, every time I wish to add her (full name required for the client who will be billed for the expenses), I have to type her name...and it's a long one.

Could Expensify please (one day) be updated to automatically bring up previously entered attendees so they can just be added with a click/tap? Either by first name or last.

Even better, have the feature conduct the query after ever letter entered. Just like the filter feature in the contacts list of your phone.

So if I have David, Danielle and Duncan all entered as prior attendees, when I type 'D' in the attendee field, all come up. But if I then type a 'U', the list is filtered to only show Duncan, and then I tap to add. (I realize my descriptions are applicable to the mobile app...same feature for the web tool as well).

Or perhaps add a feature to grant Expensify access to your phones contacts, though the former solution is better I think as it would eliminate the clutter of contacts who will never be on expense.

Thanks for your consideration.


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