Admin Webinar Q&A - August 22, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Do you have the "People" tab if there is an individual policy set up? Do you need to set up group? we do have multiple people on expensify but I can not seem to find the people tab

Nope! You are the only person that can be a part of an individual policy since this a personal policy. This webinar is for admins of a group policy. If you need to set up a team on Expensify, you’ll want to make sure that you have a group policy in place.

Do you have any professional services staff that can help us with implementation, or do we have to do it in-house using the articles / knowledge base?

We have a small implementation team that can help new customers with specific account setups, depending on your needs. You can reach out to them at [email protected] letting them know which accounting system you plan to use, how many users you’d plan to submit every month, and if you will be using non-reimbursable company cards for your team, they’ll make sure to help!


Are there any policy restrictions for alcohol reimbursement available? For instance, requiring a secondary approver? or having an extra field to add alcohol expense? We have corporate credit cards that staff use.Alcohol isn't always billable, so a portion of a receipt wouldn't be billable.Also, our policy is that a director needs to approve alcohol depending on role.So just wondering if there's any way to tackle this in expensify.Right now we use expensify, but with a very basic set-up.

There is not a way to add an additional approver for an expense created in a specific category. In the case of them spending money on one bill in which only part of it is billable, they would need to split the expense into 2 and assign the non-billable one accordingly using the Billable checkbox. However, there is not a way to specifically set up for a certain category or type of expense to be sent through a different approval route.

How can I see the reports of the people I deleted?

You can still simply search Reports for their past email address. Their report data will be retained.

Can you get a report showing all the receipts? We have to bill back customers providing receipts as support.

It’s not possible to export reports in bulk including all of the receipts. You can do so including a link to the receipt (only authorized users will be able to use this link to view the information), or you can export each report as a PDF which can include either a thumbnail of the receipts or full page images of the receipts.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can the corporate credit cards be reconciled in domain control separately for various group of employees in different currencies? For instance, Canadian cards in CAD, South African cards in Rand and US cards in USD?

No. You can only reconcile for one card feed at a time, which would mean that only one currency is reconcilable at a time as well.

Can you have multiple domain admin?

Yep! You can have as many as needed.

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