Admin Webinar Q&A - August 28, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here

Setup Tasks

How can I set up tax rates for my policy?

You can import them from your accounting software or create them. More information is here.

How can we create new merchants?

SmartScan will automatically find the merchant on the receipt. There is not a way to create them within Expensify.


Is there a webinar for receipt management?

We have an employee webinar that goes over that. You can find a recording of this here

Can employees submit reimbursable expenses such a mileage along with the credit card expenses for the month on one report and if so, does it separate what is reimbursable to the employee and what is a company expense?

They can be on the same report and when exporting to your accounting software they will be assigned to the accounts you have selected.

Managing People

Can one person have multiple role? say an employee and an auditor?

No, they can only have one role. An Admin can submit and view all reports but an Employee will not have that ability.

Can policy admins proxy into other employees reports?

A policy admin will have access to see these reports and update items such as categories and tags.

Do I need to create myself as an employee and keep my admin role as well? I manage receipts but also submit them myself as an employee.

You can be the Admin and still submit reports. There is not a need to have two logins.

Does the user get a message either by text or email if an expense is rejected? Or do they have to go into their account to know the status of their expense requests?

The user will be notified that their expense was rejected. The notifications are sent via email unless the user only has their phone number on their account. These will be sent via text in that case.

In the people screen, if I want to have two employees submit to one manager, but then the final approval should be two different people, is this possible? (eg. if I have employee 1 and employee 2 submit to manager 1, can I have employee 1 approve to VP of Finance and employee 2 approve to VP of Marketing?)

You could use the Advanced Approval Workflow. However, if they are submitting to the same Manager, the Manager will only be able to Approve and Forward to one Approver. I recommend creating a policy for each department to allow this flow.

We have a 2 tier approval system currently where the department manager approves their employee's reports and then forwards to me for processing. Can Expensify function like that also?

This can be done using Advanced Approval.

What is the maximum users we can have?

There is no maximum number of users you can have.

When you send the email out to invite people to a policy, does it have to be one at a time or can you invite multiple people with a single email?

You can bulk invite users to a policy by uploading a CSV.

Billing & Ownership

As an accounting firm, how do I set each one up as their own billing owner, but yet take control of the set up?

You can create a policy and have them be the billing owner. I recommend you attend Approved! University. This will be a big help on getting them set up.

Can I provide more than one credit card on my account?

For importing expenses, yes but not for billing. Only one billing card can be entered per account.

Can you be a billing owner for more than one company (policy)

Yes, you can! As an Approved! Accountant, your company can either choose to take the discount or pass this on to your clients.

Does copilot count as a separate user?

If you are already an active user, your copiloting will not be anything additional. However, if the only activity you do is as a CoPilot, you will be counted as an active user.

If I do that, will it force me to put the credit card in again?

Once you have a billing card linked, you will not need to enter it again.

Is there a minimum number of users required each month ?

There is not a minimum number of users required each month. Please keep in mind that with Annual Subscription, you are committing to a specific number. If you fall below that number of users, you will be billed for the number of "seats" you have committed to.

One of my clients is set up with a billing owner who is no longer a member of my firm. How do I change this? It will not let me delete her because she is the billing owner

Another Admin will need to Take Over Billing.

So i see that i am a billing owner on more than one account. How do I find out who has been paying for this?

You can view your billing history under Settings > Your Account > Billing.

So we link them all ourselves and we don't need to pay a linkage fee?

All of this is included within your user fee.

We use another expense reporting tool right now and everyone hates it, this looks like it will function the way we need it to. Is there a monthly limit to how many reports can be submitted monthly by an employee if we are under an annual subscription?

An active user under your Annual Subscription can submit an unlimited amount of reports as well as an unlimited amount of receipts.

We have separate credit cards for each policy. If I take over billing it will keep the same credit card for that specific policy?

When you take over billing, all policies will be billed on the card you have entered in Settings > Your Account > Billing.


Can Expensify sync with SAP Business One?

This is done through an Indirect Integration.

Can we connect to TABS3?

This can be done via an Indirect Connection.

For the categories, is there an import from QBO?

Yes. When you link your QBO, we will import your Chart of accounts as Categories.

What is vendor (quickbooks) labeled as in Expensify?

Since employees are submitting for reimbursement, the employee will be the Vendor. When exporting as a credit card, you can export to the Vendor. We will remember them in the background.

Will Expensify connect to QBDT using Right Networks? If so, is there a tutorial to help establish the connection?

We do link using Right NetWorks.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can you go over the flow of importing the credit card transactions and then how the employees find their specific transactions to upload the receipts to?

We will go over Domain Control briefly here but we have a webinar that is entirely based on the Company Card imports.

Does this allow us to run a monthly report to see everyone's credit card charges for the month?

Yes! You can use our Reconciliation Dashboard to do this.

It doesn’t look like Expensify has the ability to connect to our Canadian bank. Can you show us how to import credit card statements?

Each user can upload their card statement via CSV. Please note that an Admin will not be able to do this for an employee at this time. You can also see if you qualify for a Company Card feed with your bank.

Once we connect the company credit cards to the employees’ email/profile, will they also be able to see the live feed of expenses or is it something we as the admin have to send them each month?

Once they are linked and assigned, they will automatically import into the employee’s account.

We each have two company credit cards, will we be able to link each card to each user?

You can import both cards under Domain control and assign to users.


When is Approved! University?

You can sign up for that and earn CPEs too!

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