Company Card Admin Webinar Q&A - August 29, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here

Domain Control

Why do we need to have domain control in order to administer company cards in Expensify? Our company cards have nothing to do with our company website domain.

Company cards are handled in the Domain Control section of Expensify, and can only be assigned to those who have that domain name in their email address. It isn’t possible to use this feature without the domain being validated. If your users don't have a company email address, they will need to be given one and add that as a secondary login to the account. They will then be able to be assigned a card in Domain Control.

We are using Expensify without using the domain control. What is the difference besides the Reconciliation Dashboard?

Without domain control, you will not have any way to manage the cards centrally. Employees will need to assign these individually, which can be a bit cumbersome. You also will not have any visibility over transactions that have not been reported, which can be trickier to manage as an admin. Also, there are other additional controls and security features of domain control that are explained best here: What is Domain Control?

Reconciliation Dashboard

Can you have multiple admins for reconciliation?

Yes, you can have as many domain admins as you like!


Is it possible to have cash reimbursable expenses sync over to our accounting system but not the corporate card expenses? For the corporate card expenses, we simply want to use Expensify for receipt management. For cash reimbursable expenses, we want to use Expensify both for receipt management and for syncing with our accounting system.

Yes! I would suggest setting up 2 different policies so that one can be connected to the accounting system and sync without you worrying about expenses accidentally being exported, and then you just would not connect the second policy to the accounting system. Employees can be a part of both policies with no extra cost as long as the billing owner is the same between the policies.

We have 1 company card used by multiple employees as well as each employee have their own Amex company card. For the shared card how can all expense their own charges?

Expensify is best used when a card is assigned to each person so that the transactions flow into each respective account where they can create the reports and have visibility over only their own expenses. A workaround would be to set up an Expensify account that has been assigned to this one card, and then set up all the employees using that card as a Copilot so they can enter the account and create their own reports. This is how to set up Copilots.

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