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How to reassign a submitted report to an employee's new approver?

LisaHansenLisaHansen Posts: 5Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer
edited August 2019 in Day to Day

Hi All.

I am very new to Expensify and have a quick question. We have an employee who has changed departments and managers. I figured out how to change approvers in his policy but he had submitted a report before this change and it is still showing the old approver. How do I reassign that report to his new approver?



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  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 437 Expensify Champion
    Accepted Answer

    @LisaHansen Welcome! If the user has a new supervisor, they can retract the report or you can reject the report back to the user. From that point they select the new supervisor in the to field.

    From that point, just click the blue change it button and it should go to the new supervisor.

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,106 Expensify Team
    Accepted Answer

    @LisaHansen, another option, if the new approver is a policy admin, would be for them to locate the report and use the Take Control button. This buttons moves the report under their control and allows them to assume the approval responsibilities for that specific report.

    The easiest way to locate the report would be to share the report ID with the new approver. As long as they are a policy admin they'll be able to quickly navigate to the report by pressing shift+G in the account and then entering the report ID.



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