Where the submitted expense go ?

JackieKey Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi There,

We are looking for using Expensify for our business to create smooth expense claim process.

I have done some review for the app and web interface. but after i submitted the expense report i am not able to receive the expense report.

for example i was using user : support@example.com.au to send expense report and the receiver is reimbursement@example.com.au

at the end, the reimbursement@example.com.au has got nothing in the inbox.

can you please explain to me how this expense submit works as your design ?


  • Julia
    Julia Expensify Customer Posts: 164 Expensify Pro

    When I was first setting up our account, I found the language very confusing in the 'People' section. Maybe you are having the same issue? 'Submits to' is basically the person who would approve their expense report.

    'Approves to' is only used if you have a multi approval workflow. (For example, employee submits to manager. Manager approves, and then it gets sent to accounts payable for final review/approval. If that is the case, you'd only use the 'approves to' portion for the third approval layer)

    Does that help at all, or is it a different issue? Another thing to double check is to make sure the submitter is on the correct policy (not defaulting to a personal policy). If you go to the report itself, you can double check that here:(There's configurations to make these things automatic, but it just takes some time to work through all the options when setting things up)