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Will my receipts merge with my corporate credit cards?

mrosenzweigmrosenzweig Expensify Customer Posts: 2
edited April 1 in Day to Day

Hi does [email protected] work with corporate credit cards? eg if I send a receipt (either receipt in email body or as attachment) to [email protected] after making the purchase but perhaps before expensify has pulled in that expense from my corporate credit card provider, will they eventually sync?


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  • mrosenzweigmrosenzweig Expensify Customer Posts: 2
    Accepted Answer

    From Expensify:


    Hi there,👋🏽 thanks for reaching out! Once receipt was sent through the email "[email protected] " It'll SmartScan the receipt into your Expensify account for you.

    When you have credit cards importing, all your SmartScanned receipts will get flagged with an "Awaiting merge with imported card transaction" violation. No need to wait for the transaction to import from the card!

    If there is no matching card transaction after 7 days, the violation will expire. If you don't need the expense to match a corporate card transaction, then you can Mark as Cash instead. This will make the transaction a reimbursable expense.

    If the card feed is down or broken, you'll see an error message stating: "Credit card receipt; Can't auto-match due to a broken bank connection which needs to be fixed."

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about Expensify. I'd be happy to help!🙂


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