FAQ: How do I resolve the "Error 404 No user with that partnerUserID/partnerUserSecret" SSO error

Ariel Green
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This error is most commonly seen when the email address does not match between the SAML provider and Expensify, either due to incorrect setup or if a user authenticates with SAML and Expensify creates a login for their account using the email sent as the NameID of the SAML Response. If that NameID changes (e.g., I changed my OneLogin settings to send ted@expensicorp.com instead of ted@expensifiddle.com in the NameID of the response), when it checks the email against the one we used to create the login, it doesn't match and thus authentication fails.

In these instances, you should set the user up as a new user in your SAML software and have them remove their SAML login from Settings > Your Account > Account Details > Secondary Logins. (Note: You'll need to disable the SAML requirement to do this).