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Maddy Lewis
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Expensify offers Active User Pricing for all ExpensifyApproved! Accountants. See our announcement about this change here:

Expensify Active User Pricing

As described on our pricing page, all non ExpensifyApproved! affiliated customers have two options for pricing:

Annual vs Pay-Per-Use

  • Annual: $18 /mo. If the client commits to an Annual Subscription, they'll receive a 50% discount off of Pay-Per-Use pricing. Annual pricing is billed on a monthly basis for a 12 month period.
  • Pay-Per-Use: $36/mo. The client is billed $36 for each active user in a given month. No annual commitment; leave anytime.

Any ExpensifyApproved! affiliated customer will get the Annual price of $18 /mo, without the commitment for 12 months, meaning they only pay for what they use, period.

Bundled vs Unbundled

Bundled clients (clients who adopt the Expensify card) are entitled to an extra discount on top of their Annual or Pay-per-use subscriptions.

  • Bundled clients can receive up to a 75% discount on their monthly bill, bringing their bill down to $9 /mo.  
  • Unbundled clients can still enjoy Expensify without the Expensify Card and will be billed at $18 /mo.

The Bundled vs Unbundled options are available to all customers, whether or not you're an ExpensifyApproved! partner.

Policy Owners Pay for Usage in Expensify

The general design of Expensify is that whoever owns the expense policy pays for the activity on that expense policy. As an accountant creating policies for your clients, if you retain ownership of the client policy, you will be billed by Expensify for the client’s activity -- which you can then re-bill to them based on your client agreement.

To become an ExpensifyApproved! affiliated Policy Owner, you or your client must:

  1. Be an ExpensifyApproved! accountant
  2. Have an ExpensifyApproved! accountant set as an active policy admin
  3. Have an ExpensifyApproved! accountant set as an active domain admin

Billing Clients

Every month, Expensify will send you a single bill for the combined activity across all of your clients. The bill will include:

  • Pay-Per-Use Seats: Clients and their users who were active that month.
  • Bundle Expensify Card discount: Adopting the Expensify Card for 50% or more of a client’s approved spend.
  • Total: The price for the month
  • Policy list: A list of all client policies along with active seats.

If you have any questions, just ask in the Community or write into concierge@expensify.com

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