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Hello...super newbie here :)

LisaHansenLisaHansen Posts: 5Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

How do I add a new employee to our Expensify account?


Best Answer

  • JuliaJulia Posts: 164 Expensify Aficionado
    Accepted Answer

    If you're an admin on the Expensify policy, you can go to settings>policies>group. From there, select the correct policy (if you have more than 1 set up). Then navigate to people on the left hand tab.

    From that point you should see a number of ways to invite people. If it's just one person, you may want to add them manually by clicking the 'invite' button. Make sure to update any of their information as far as who should be approving their reports (the 'submits to' field), their user role (usually employee), etc.

    Hope this helps.


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