Company Card Admin Webinar Q&A - Sept 2, 2019

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Since there is a delay in credit card transactions being processed by the bank how long is the delay to Expensify?

We post them within 24-48 hours of them being posted to the bank.

Are you able to assign multiple users to the same card if a card has shared expenses for multiple users?

Each card should be assigned to only one user because expenses can only exist in a single Expensify account. If you need multiple users to have access to one card, the best way to do this is to create a central Expensify login, assign the card to it, and add each individual user as a Copilot to access that account. This way, each person can “swing in” and create reports for their applicable expenses.

Is the process for setting up a commercial card feed a one-time process?

Yes! You will only need to do this once.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

I assume the dashboard will just show what was submitted. Anything that wasn't submitted, wouldn't be known unless I'm looking at the statement. Is that correct?

The Reconciliation Dashboard will help with this. The “Total” will show all spend, regardless of whether it has been placed on a report or submitted by the employee. The “Unapproved total” column will show what has not actually been approved yet.

How many days after your card's closing date should you setup scheduled submit for?

This is entirely up to you! However, please note that the Reconciliation Dashboard makes needing cutoff dates unnecessary because you will be able to run a detailed report for any dates needed, without worrying about lining up your statement dates with employee’s reports.


Can personal cards link to a company bank account for exporting purposes?

No, only cards that are imported via Domain Control can be reconciled or exported to an accounting package that has been directly connected to Expensify.

How does this import into QBO?

The cards will all be assigned using the settings cog on the right side of the screen to their applicable account in QBO. When a report is exported, the card expenses will apply to its assigned account.

What is the best practice for connecting and exporting to Netsuite?

You can find all the answers to these questions here in our NetSuite docs!

Would I need separate policies for Credit card users and expense submittors in order to have different scheduled submit dates and different expense rules?

Yep! That is exactly right.


Can we assign a separate approval flow for credit card expenses vs reimbursable expenses?

If you have 2 different policies, then yes. An approval workflow is dependent on the policy, so I’d advise you setting up 2 different policies and inviting users to the policy (or both) that they will need to report on.

Do comments go to the employee's email?

Yes, this will email to the approver as well as a link to the report in Expensify.

How do you define "outstanding" expense?

An outstanding expense is an expense that has not yet been reported by the employee.

If I put my cardholders in separate group from my expense submitters, can I setup different rules and submit dates for each group?

By “group”, do you mean Domain Group? You can create different rules for different groups of users, but please note that submit dates are not applicable to Domain Groups. This would be a feature called Scheduled Submit and is managed at the policy level.

So in other words, if we have employees with different addresses, we'll need different policies? Or can we have multiple domains under one policy?

If they have different email addresses, you will need to validate each of the domains that align with those email addresses. Please note that domains are not “under policies”. You can have an unlimited amount of domains or policies and they are not tied to one another.

What does "Reporting" actually mean/accomplish? What does "unreported" mean?

A report is a collection of expenses that have been incurred by the employee. Expenses must exist on a report in order to be submitted, approved, and reconciled. If an expense has been submitted, it’s assumed that the employee has added any tags/categories, attendees, added a receipt or other descriptors for the spend and then it can be appropriately accounted for and reconciled from that point. "Unreported" means that the report has not yet been placed on a report.

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