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Importing csv file into MYOB

GenGen Posts: 2Expensify Customer

Hi there

I am trying to export the expensify transactions into MYOB Accountright. I have setup the task from the inbox, so that I have the option to export to MYOB.

I can't seem to find any guidance on what format this csv file is in for importing to MYOB.... After looking through the options in MYOB 'Import/Export Assistant' I can see that it is a General Journal.

I am confused as to why the Dr and Cr entry are both being coded to the expense account. In order for the transaction to import correctly the Dr entry needs to be the expense account, and the Cr entry needs to be the relevant corporate card. I have attached an excerpt of the report exported, showing a few examples.

I can't see anywhere in Expensify where you can update cardholder MYOB account details so that this is reflected in the Cr entry?

Is anyone able to shed some light on this?




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