Expense Rules Options: Can I truncate an amount?

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I have an expense rule that grabs charges from a certain merchant, sets the category, tag, comment, etc., and submits automatically. The only problem is our reimbursement is limited to $40. How can I submit an expense for the minimum of the billed amount and $40?

Or do I need to do everything by hand?

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    @len Unfortunately, amounts are not part of rules. For some of my users that have a reoccurring reimbursable expense, I create a template. For example, we have an exercise program where an employee gets a $25 bonus for every quarter that they meet the exercise requirements. The form that they fill out is built so that smart scans correctly into Expensify.

    When an employee wants to submit their form, they just email it to Expensify and it sets the merchant to the employee's name, the amount, and the date. I'm not sure if this works for you or not, but you just have to meet the criteria for Smart Scan. Merchant, amount and date.

    There are lots of ways you could do this, you could just scribble something on a sticky note, you could create a word document or a TextExpander Snippet. From there, just email it in every month.

    Hope this helps.


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