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Odometer Reading missing

JulieZueJulieZue Posts: 1Expensify Customer

I found out today about the issue with the odometer reading missing since the update on the software. I think it would be very helpful if Expensify could alert us when an issue is discovered so they can let us all know they are working on correcting it. It took me quite a while of trying to correct something on my end, thinking we had done something wrong, and then researching the help area to discover it wasn't us but the update that caused the issue. An alert up front would put me more at ease with the situation rather than digging around to discover that it was in fact an Expensify update that caused it.

Is there an alert that goes out that perhaps I am not aware of?

Thanks for your help


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,106Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Team

    @JulieZue, thanks for posting. If we uncover a problem that affects a large number of customers that we can't resolve right away, we typically update the status page and put a banner up on the Community homepage to alert everyone.

    We're working to improve our communication when issues occur though and I've passed your valuable and thoughtful words onto my team members.

    Have a lovely evening!

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