Why Does the "Unreported" Filter Disappear?

dcall Expensify Customer Posts: 2
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Why does the unreported flag on the expense list disappear when one has applied other filters? This auto removal should be eliminated! Caused me back and forth with concierge to determine why i was unable to see expense i had submitted.


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  • Sheena Trepanier
    Sheena Trepanier Expensify Team, Approved! Accountant, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 1,362 Expensify Team
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    Great question @dcall, thanks for posting. When you choose to use the All Submitters filter, the Unreported filter is removed because you do not have access to view unreported expenses for other policy members.

    If you need to see your own unreported expenses, be sure to update the All Submitters filter to My Expenses first.